Common Courier

Founded on Friendship

Ryan Axtell and Luke Bechtel met in grade school and have been playing music together since high school. Between serving on church worship teams and playing in a collection of local bands, Ryan & Luke developed a knack for creating music together.

During their college days at Seattle Pacific University, they built a studio in their basement and began releasing original worship music and hosting regular worship gatherings.

Over the years, Ryan evolved into the role of principle songwriter & arranger, while Luke honed his skills as a drummer and recording/mix engineer. 

Common Courier desires to make music that’s inspired by the pursuit of Jesus and serves the greater church… Songs that cause us all to remember that we are not alone, and that we have the ability to be love, hope, and peace to those around us.

Ryan currently lives in Ventura, and Luke resides in Boise, ID, yet they continue to make music through the MAGIC OF THE INTERNET and the WIZARDRY OF FLIGHT.

Talkin' Tone